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Cabinet of Curiosities

We keep our most haunted artifacts in our "Cabinet of Curiosities." Its shelves are filled with an ever-changing array of intriguing collectibles, including dolls, ceramic figurines, vintage toys, and old photos.

Go ahead and open it. The doors creak, but it's perfectly safe.

The side panels are attached with iron pins, an age-old method of building furniture so it can be disassembled, broken down, and carried through narrow doorways and tight staircases. 

Some of the objects inside move on their own. Others seem to radiate mischief. One doll has eyes that follow visitors around the room. Another smiles when she sees newcomers. Old playing cards and poker chips are embedded with a gambler’s spirit, still hoping to strike it rich.

People do say they feel psychic energy radiating from the cabinet, as if more than one spirit is occupying the space. A few people have even had to step outside, sit in the chairs on our front porch, and take a few deep breaths before they come back into the shop. 

Haunted Antique Shop
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