Hey  wow

Hey, Wow! The Art of Oded Halahmy

Locate number 15 on your map.  Now on view in the Selz Foundation Gallery is "Hey Wow."  Presented by Yeshiva University Museum, this exhibition features the mixed-media work of New York and Jaffa-based artist Oded Halahmy.  With roots in Iraq and Israel, Halahmy's lyrical sculptures span from expressive abstraction to simple but vivid figuration. His work reflects the rich complex history of Jewish heritage in Babylonia, and celebrates the notion of homeland. "Hey Wow" explores themes originating in a popular Hebrew song written in Iraq. Look closely, what Hebrew letters do you see?  How many pomegranates and palm trees can you find?

This concludes your tour of the exhibitions, but there are still plenty of things to do and see here at the Center for Jewish History.

Center for Jewish History
  1. Introduction to the Center for Jewish History and Biblical Species
  2. Luminous Manuscript
  3. Kindertransport: Rescuing Children on the Brink of War
  4. Rewind: Voices of the Past Advising the Future
  5. The Door Slams Shut: Jews and Immigration in the Face of American Reaction
  6. The David Berg Rare Book Room
  7. Nosotros 2.0 Connecting the Latino and Jewish Communities
  8. 1938Projekt: Posts from the Past
  9. All in the Family: Photographs from Across the Jewish World
  10. Hey, Wow! The Art of Oded Halahmy
  11. When the Golden Door Closed, They Carried the Torch.  Advocacy in the Age of Immigration Restriction
  12. Lost and Found - A Family Photo Album
  13. Ackman & Ziff Gamily Genealogy Institute and Lillian Goldman Reading Room
  14. Collection Management and Conservation Wing