Fort Osage National Historic Landmark

Built under the direction of General William Clark, joint commander of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition, Fort Osage was established in 1808 as a military outpost in the newly acquired Louisiana Territory. The Fort’s purpose was to provide a military presence in the territory in order to assure Spain, France and Great Britain that the United States meant to protect its territory by military strength and to establish healthy relations with the Native American population in the territory.

Fort Osage has been partially reconstructed, and it is currently a park owned and operated by Jackson County Parks + Rec.

107 Osage St, Sibley, MO, USA
Fort Osage National Historic Landmark
  1. The Garden
  2. A Missing Wall
  3. Blockhouse #4
  4. The Barracks
  5. The Artificer's Shop
  6. The Blacksmith’s Shop
  7. Blockhouse #3
  8. Blockhouse #2
  9. Officers’ Quarters
  10. Blockhouse #1
  11. The Flag Mast
  12. The Punishment Post
  13. The Interpreter’s Cabin
  14. The Factory
  15. Blockhouse #5
  16. The Front Gate
  17. The Missouri River and the Lewis & Clark Trail Marker