Discovery House – The Vision of the Designing of the Rooms

Discovery House rooms were designed to be useful and appropriate for all the different aspects of Discovery retreats, as well as retreats and activities of those who use the House, sacrificing the aesthetics, making the rooms functional, spiritually inviting, and physically comfortable, as well as appropriate and significant for spiritual growth and development healing those at the House, involving not just food for the body but also for the spirit.

We look at the house holistically -- the rooms, the people experiences, the prayers, the history and dreams complement each other reminding us that none of us have it all together but together we have it all.   

As one writer has said, “We are not here to compete but to complete.”  When we see ourselves in that way, we become in a sense a human tapestry where our very background and history, stories and memories become fruit for the spirit.

As you tour the Discovery House through the next many stops, it is our hope that you will experience a deep appreciation for the many Saints that have blessed these sacred premises.

Father Mike and the Discovery Ministries Board

Discovery House
  1. History of Discovery House
  2. Discovery Ministries Retreat Program
  3. Discovery House – The Vision of the Designing of the Rooms
  4. The Chapel
  5. Retreatants' Meeting Room
  6. Discovery House Kitchen
  7. Discovery House Bathrooms Downstairs
  8. Saint Padre Pio Room
  9. The Sacristy
  10. Saint Rita of Cascia Living Room
  11. Venerable Michael McGivney Room
  12. Saint Ann Room
  13. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Room
  14. Saint Francis Room
  15. Blessed Brother Gerard Tongue Room
  16. Janitor's Closet on the First Floor
  17. Laundry Room
  18. Sprinkler Closet
  19. Mechanical Room
  20. Pump Closet
  21. Pantry Room
  22. Janitor's Closet Upstairs
  23. Hall Closet Upstairs
  24. Electrical Closet Upstairs
  25. St. Helen Room
  26. Discovery House Bathroom Upstairs
  27. Conference Room Upstairs
  28. Discovery House Patio
  29. Discovery House Resource Center
  30. Pavilion
  31. Discovery House Rules
  32. Discovery House Grounds