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The Window Restoration Project

We are currently in the midst of a window restoration project. In October of 2021, representatives from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission removed the windows and sent them to WMG Historic Restoration, where they are being stripped, repaired, reglazed and repainted. They will retain the distinctive blue color, which is a color Dr. Graeme chose for them in the 1700s. The project should be completed later this year.

Graeme Park - Introduction
  1. Visit us at Graeme Park
  2. The Summer Kitchen & Garden
  3. The Keith House - Part I
  4. The Fire Mark
  5. The Privy
  6. The Window Restoration Project
  7. The Haha
  8. The Keith House - Part II
  9. The Barn (Visitors' Center)
  10. The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm
  11. The Event Tent
  12. Sir William Keith
  13. Dr. Thomas Graeme
  14. Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson